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“Intelligence is creativity”

Hypnosis is the state of mind achieved through physical and mental relaxation, allowing communication with the unconscious mind.

HYPNOSIS is the connection with the Limbic brain ( unconscious), that is the part of the brain where emotion and creativity stem from, it’s the control tower of all your behavior patterns, it regulates the entire body system, heartbeat, hormone production, breathing etc, all the things you are not aware of that still function within you. As it regulates and maintains the alignment of the inner workings of your physical body, it too does the same for your belief system, whether you have limiting or enhancing beliefs, it will just run these programs automatically, as this is where they were installed and it’s the only place they can be altered, to become more in alignment with that which you say you desire to experience..

This is where Hypnosis is an EXTREMELY POWERFUL TOOL, as it build a bridge between your conscious mind and your unconscious (superconscious, as we like to call it ), between you logical and creative hemispheres of your brain. Once there is a synergistic balance between these aspects and you learn the language of the unconscious, you will open yourself up to a type of super power , which was dormant within, as you never understood the language of it, but when you awaken to this magical connection, you will accelerate within all creative fields and balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

We practice conversational HYPNOSIS , as we believe it has more long term benefits to empower the client to understand and give them the tools to access their own unconscious mind, therefore consciously creating a connection with their unconscious and altering that in which they desire to change on their own, we offer the tools and facilitate the understanding of it, thus leaving the client in more power of themselves so they don’t reply on something other than themselves to create these magical affects

We offer customized hypnotic inductions , to train you’re unconscious consciously to build whatever state of being you wish to have choice over, contact us for more info regarding these powerful healing tools…


  • Anxiety cure
  • Mental Clarity
  • Awakened Creativity
  • Increased
  • Relaxation
  • Fear and Phobia cures
  • Reduced Stress Levels
  • Understanding Diseases
  • Change of behavioral patterns
  • Increased choice / Decisiveness
  • Connecting to the Inner Child Within
  • Enhanced concentration and focused attention
  • And many many more…..