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metaphor modeling

“It gives rise to the form of the inexpressible”

Metaphor modeling is words before words, Its the ART of symbolic modeling. We access these states through the description of the the 5 senses.

Imagine a computer with lots of desktop icons, when you click on the icon the program opens/ activates, metaphor modelling is akin to this metaphor.

Metaphor Modeling is a set of neutral questions used with the clients own words to direct their attention to some aspect of their own experience. This is precisely what makes this life transforming modality so effective, it uses the “Mirror Effect” whereby the coach acts as a blank mirror, neutrally facilitating the construction of the client’s inner world through bringing to life their personal metaphor landscape. This is done without any interference, or imposing any of the coach’s beliefs or views or suggestions, only allowing the client to come into full awareness of how they code their beliefs emotions and experiences.

Metaphor Modeling uses a set of 15 questions which are referred to as clean questions, as they contain no past or present tenses, only to be verbs, and focuses on bringing attention into the present, and designed to navigate and explore your personal metaphors within your unconscious mind ( the creative aspect that codes all experience)

Metaphors are the native language of the unconscious mind (superconscious), most people on average use 4-6 metaphors per minute. It is our primary form of communication, all language and belief starts here, this is where we are encoded from the core and this is where change needs to happen in order to create change within permanent change within ourselves.

Metaphor modeling makes it easier to work with the underlying structure of someone’s experience, rather than getting bogged down with in the content.

A persons own metaphors are infinitely fascinating and irresistible, once you are engaged with your metaphor landscape you will want to explore it to the full, most times the landscape will become psychoactive, this is where the client reacts to their own inner world, rather than just talk about their situation and goals, this is where the potential for new insights and significant change is high.

When a person’s metaphors change, so does their view of the world, the decisions they make and the actions they take.

Metaphor modeling has long been associated with breakthrough thinking, for example, Einstein’s question about what it would be like to travel on a beam of light resulted in the theory of relativity. It is the programming language of your imagination,


  • Profound change
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Connect with your limbic brain
  • Convert Problems into Outcomes
  • Understanding yourself in a new way
  • Activate & install resourceful qualities
  • Greater clear awareness of your map of the world
  • Recycle Negative Emotions into empowering ones
  • Realization that you are the HOLY GRAIL of all change
    and more……