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metaphor modeling

"Lose your mind & come back to your senses"

Neuro-linguistic programming is the understanding of how to become aware of your own unique map of the world, it’s a methodology to gain deeper insight as to how you process the world around you and the experiences in it.

Sensory based representations code your experience of the world, or as they call it in Neuro-linguistic programming , your sub-modality coding.

Neuro-linguistic programming is how we all process information through our 5 senses.  Visual, audio, kinesthetic, taste  and smell, this is how we make sense of the world. This is our primary form of communication, by re-establishing this connection with the basic coding of our experiences allows one to have greater control over oneself and dramatically enhance our responses to our experiences, and to alter / shift / change / transform resourceful and limiting beliefs which no longer serve you.

Neuro-linguistic programming is the User manual for the mind, allows us to understand the language of the mind to constantly achieve specific and desired outcomes, it is a tool of Emotional Intelligence, it can extremely helpful in stress management and building confidence.

Neuro-linguistic programming can provide the ultimate form of PRESENCE is when a person is engaged in their sensory experiences, it allows you to BE GROUNDED IN THE WORLD and participate in your AWARENESS of your highest potential.


  • Sensory thinking
  • Enhances Creativity
  • Personal change work
  • Modelling personal success
  • Restructuring the belief system
  • How to Change a Personal Belief
  • Outcome thinking for goal creation
  • Understand and transform phobias
  • Behavioral flexibility of Ultimate State Management
  • Enhance your ability to communicate & gain Rapport