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"De-code the secrets of the day you were born"

Numerology is the sacred mathematical configuration of the date you were born, and the name you possess, it is a powerful tool for gaining ESP over others and yourself.

Numerology has 9 numbers which represent archetypal personality types, understanding what these characteristics are, can allow you the opportunity to view yourself and those around you in a new way, giving you insights into challenges, skills and opening your mind up to the different aspects of personality characteristics, therefore expanding your perceptions of people and allowing of the differences in behavioral patterns.

Numerology reveals how it is no coincidence that you were born at the specific date you entered into this life, and after centuries of studies, they have proven to link these mathematical formulas to be extremely accurate in personality profiling.

Our numerology analysis sessions we put together a full 90 page in depth calculation of your mathematical code as well as a breakdown of your name numerology. We can also use this remarkable tool to our advantage in naming our children consciously adding skills and attributes to them, as well as altering our names to suite better the characteristics we desire, that we believe will benefit us, within whatever career we chose in this life.

We also can offer Numerology relationship compatibility reports so you can understand your partner on a deeper level, which can lead to increased sense of connection & compatibility.


  • Rapport building
  • Personality profiling
  • Relationship compatibility
  • Extra Sensory Perception
  • Gain deeper insight into your family
  • Enhanced Empathy with self and others
  • Understand your yearly / monthly cycles
  • Deep Insight into your challenges and skills in this life
  • Conscious naming with awareness of successful characteristics traits