Integrative Life Coaching / Passion Weaver

PASSION WEAVER was birthed to life in 2013 by Tristin-Storme Westraad & Seth Grey Collett.

2 individuals connected with similar interests in heart and both with a strong desire to share knowledge with the world.

Their Energy collaborations sparked a synergy of new possibilities, a new way of thinking. Translated into a simple to understand, easily digestible methodology for transformation. Their intention and vision is to plant a seed, but not an ordinary seed, a seed that contains within it the essence and coding to update the neurology of those who are ready to employ themselves on this kind of journey. To merge with the awakened version of themselves, and access their mind of the future. 

Tristin-Storme started her journey at a young age, understanding the mind-body connection as she overcame chronic asthma, that the doctors said she suffer with for life.

She realized the strong correlation between our thought and beliefs and their manifestation within the physical body. First looking into the esoteric realms for answers, she completed a 2 YEAR DIPLOMA IN METAPHYSICS (metavarsity), but still her desire for substantial understandings lead her to the realm of NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING, SOMATIC THERAPY (institution of applied psychology) & HYPNOSIS (South African institute of hypnotherapy).

She began formulating a new understanding of how the mind body and soul are interconnected and that’s when she met Seth and the start of the creation of PASSION WEAVER and the discovery of the missing links needed to create NEURO-META4SEMANTOLOGY we weaved into existence.

Seth Grey Collett spent his childhood growing up the bush surrounded by animals in Botswana, this is where his deep love and connection for nature began.

When he finished school his journey led him to South Africa to study Fine Art and Graphic design, where he spent 3 years at Pretoria Technicon completing his Diploma. Once completed the winds of change lead him to Cape Town and this is where his spiritual journey began. After suffering from Panic attacks for a year after his arrival, this search to understand these psychological symptoms guided him to German hypnotist Christian Stadler, this was the end of his panic attacks and anxiety and the beginning of awakening of his true passion and calling in life.

Ironically he was given a book to read called “SETH SPEAKS by Jane Roberts” which was the catalyst for this path. After this he was inspired and motivated to understand the mind-body connection and the relationship to language. He then started to study from home, Quantum physics and numerology for the next 5 years intensely while simultaneously gaining practical experience wherever he could, which he then discovered NEURO-LINGISTIC PROGRAMMING & HYPNOSIS and started many courses in these fields of study (South African institute of hypnotherapy & Jevon Dangeli )

When TRISTIN & SETH united, under mutual understanding and passions for the same concepts and similar visions, they combined their skills and further continued their studies more accelerated than ever. They then started studies in MICHAEL HALLS NEURO-SEMANTICS, to further increase their knowledge of the mind-body connection and its inner workings and the core of change within the unconscious realm of potential. They shared their skills to become up to date in all these incredible powerful modalities for life change and enhancement…Just when then thought the puzzle was complete they found the biggest missing pieces, DAVIDS GROVES CLEAN LANGUAGE revolutionized their skills once again, to add to this perfect blend of the mind-body relationship and to take their knowledge and ability to create sustainable change to yet again another level.