Integrative Life Coaching / Passion Weaver


My experience with Seth was nothing short of life changing. I found myself on a regular basis overthinking without any control or direction which led me feeling misbalanced and if i dare say it, worthless. Through Seths teaching and guidance, I unlearned all my habitual ways of negative thinking as my mind and heart worked together to allow myself to have more self value. From my perspective, Seths true ability lies within understanding his client and being able to use extremely unique teaching methods/disciplines which are easy to to carry out to get yo back on your true path. You see, its all about doing more with less, yet getting more through doing less.
Lee Sybo Mongie
Durban, South Africa
Tristin with her gracious nature has led me through a very difficult time in my life. The reason I say led, is because she went through similar experiences herself, so her practise comes from the heart and not only nurtures but sustains aswell…I stood 6 months after session in exactly the picture I painted after our induction, and the knew for sure the power of this information.
South Africa
I had been looking for a shift in my life, wishing the feelings that were not beneficial for me could no longer be taking a toll. Using the techniques given to me I was able to replace those feelings with with something more beneficial and the outcome is that I am more focused in my life. Thank you for your help Passion Weaver
Jesyka Sham, South Africa
Seth as a practitioner is like a breathe of fresh air. I always feel rejuvenated after a session ( which doesn’t always feel like work, but more like play ) The insight i have gained through the induction we did has changed my life to one of self actualization and continuous growth. Helping me stand firm in my own independence and so helping me to become interdependent. His language is pure and he helps you to change from within yourself, only guiding with his gentle nature.
Louise, South Africa
So I was having a conversation in my head earlier. And I noticed how I’d been choosing positive ways of saying things, where it could’ve been the other way.So I was reminded of you. Just wanted to say thank you for being such a positive influence on my being. Right down to the way my mind works.
Duncan Greenwood
South Africa
My sessions with you were always profound.. The experience for me is like having a open conversation with someone but in that conversation/session you observe and open up certain things inside that person via questions and or visualisations to bring it to their awareness in a nurturing space it’s a powerful yet gentle journey that I would recommend for anyone.
Leigh Ramsden
South Africa
Seth is a little bit of magic , you meet him and your whole world lights up. He sits down with you and shows you how you can become magic…teaching you to connect with your power, to transform negativity and shower sunshine on your life
Saskia Lichtensterm , Creative Explorer , England
Sessions with Tristin are magical!she just has this positive and calming energy that you instantly feel! In just a short amount of time you can already feel transformation happening just by being aware!
Cornelia Viljoen, South Africa
A very warm calming therapeutic and nurturing experience that I would highly recommend.
John Mcglashan
United Kingdom